Fridgeezoo - Pingouin

Fridgeezoo - Pingouin

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Fridgeezoo Animal Friends are here at CasaBento. What is a Fridgezoo? These cute animals called Fridgeezoo shaped like milk cartons are fridge reminder gadgets that greet people whenever the fridge is opened.

Every time you open the door, they’ll be happy to greet you, but when you leave the door open for too long, your fridge pet becomes a grumpy animal.

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This little penguin needs a cool climate. Could you spare him some space in your fridge ?

Papa Penguin got bored and this time he has finally decided to leave North Pole. He’s looking for a place with a cool climate. A fridge would be perfect !

The Fridgeezoo Animal Friends measure 9 cm tall and 4 cm wide. They work on 3 LR44 batteries(included). To use, simply pull out the little tab to activate your new pet. You can now use the On/Off button to switch it on off.


Important Usage Instructions:

Push the On/Off button to ON. Place Fridgeezoo in completely dark place at least 5 seconds and
after that when Fridgeezoo see light, they start to speak. Their light sensor
is on an opposite side of their face. The Fridgeezoo does not speak right after they are switched on. They need to sense darkness and light so you will have to place it in a dark place first before exposing it to light for them to speak.

The Fridgeezoos can speak 9 Japanese sentences.

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  • Hergestellt in: China
  • Höhe: 9 cm
  • Breite: 4 cm
  • Material: ABS