Menuplatte Norio

Menuplatte Norio

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The Norio Lunch Tray and an entire collection of XXL bento can be found at CasaBento!

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Don't joke around with Norio, he is an angry man...maybe that is the reason why his name is a pun on the word "nori", the famous seaweed used in almost all Japanese dishes.

This lunch tray is a uchiben (家弁) which means "home bento". Its large capacity allows a lunch capacity of 1L.

In square shape (and rounded angles), the Norio Lunch Tray will be wonderful to use as TV-bento trays, as you can place them easily on your knees while watching your favourite tv series or movie after a long day's work. During weekends, make use of the Norio Lunch Tray outdoors for a sunny picnic or use it to serve food in your very own garden!

The Norio Lunch Tray has 3 compartments (two small and one large) to help you separate your food (starter, main course and dessert for example).

This model is sold without a belt.

Dimensions of tray : 23.6 × 23.6 × 6.9 cm.

Microwave safe.

  • Hergestellt in Japan
  • Mikrowelle: JA aber bitte ohne Deckel
  • Volume: 1 L
  • Höhe: 6,9 cm
  • Breite: 23,6 cm
  • Länge: 23,6 cm
  • Material: PET, ABS