Kingyo Bento Boxes

Kingyo Bento Boxes

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Enjoy the Kingyo Bento Boxes as well as a wide collection of traditional bento boxes in our shop.

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This set of Kingyo Bento Boxes is composed of 2 very kawaii lunchboxes in the shape of a fish, ideal for children. It consists in a bigger 450 ml box and a smaller 220 ml box (for a starter or a dessert).

These bento boxes are very convenient: they can be nested one into the other which allows you to carry them around very easily.

The Kingyo Bento Boxes come with a matching red elastic belt to maintain the two fish close to each other.

The smaller box has a removable divider to properly separate different food.

These bento lunchboxes present the shape of a goldfish " 金魚, きんぎょ " (kingyo) in Japanese. Asian culture believe that goldfish bring happiness and prosperity. Originally brought to Japan from China in 1502, goldfish were raised exclusively by the rich and noble as highly prized, luxury rare pets.

Do not use in the microwave.

Made in Japan.


  • Made in Japan
  • Material: PET
  • Dishwasher use: NO
  • Microwave use: NO
  • Capacity: 670 ml (upper compartment: 220 ml, lower compartment: 450 ml) (22.66 oz)
  • Height: 5.5 cm (2.17 in)
  • Width: 11 cm (4.33 in)
  • Length: 14.8 cm (5.83 in)