Ice Cream Maker Hello Kitty

Ice Cream Maker Hello Kitty

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Do not wait for the ice cream! With this Hello Kitty ice cream maker,, you can spend pleasant moments with your family and friends.

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Fancy a glass? Hello Kitty fan? Do not miss the ice cream maker Hello Kitty! It is very easy to use, you can make very good ice cream. So please, order quickly Hello Kitty ice cream maker.


Recipe for a traditional vanilla ice cream

20 ml cream
1 egg yolk medium
20 g sugar
100 ml milk

Ingredient used to cool
20 Ice
8 tablespoons of salt
3 tablespoons water

1 - Put the cream, egg yolks, sugar and milk in a bowl and mix.

2 - Place the ice cubes, salt and water inside the container and cover with lid.

(You can make ice faster by freezing the container in advance).

Warning! The container will cool very quickly, and your hand can remain sticking to the container if it is wet. Be careful when handling the device.

3 - Pour the ingredients you have achieved in the first stage in the main part of the unit.

4 - Attach the container to the main part of the unit and place the scraper in your direction. Hold the handle and put the lid.

Warning! These operations must be conducted under the supervision of an adult.

5 - Turn the handle toward you for 3 to 4 minutes. When the liquid is gone from the bottom of the main part, the ice is ready.

6 - Replace the scraper and turn the handle while maintaining the scraper. Remove the preparation with the scraper to make the ice from the main part of the unit. Finally, remove the main part with a spoon.

Try many different kinds of ice cream!

The procedure is the same as for the ice core.

Chocolate ice cream


20ml fresh cream
1 egg yolk medium
20 g sugar
50 ml milk
20 g of chocolate bars
30ml of milk (to melt the chocolate)

Melt the chocolate with the milk and mix to preparing other ingredients.

Tip: You can add cookies or marshmallows (marshmallows)

Strawberry icecream


20ml fresh cream
1 egg yolk medium
10 g sugar
80 ml milk
2 c. tablespoons strawberry jam

Orange sherbet


200ml orange juice
(Hint: You can taste it by putting it on a yogurt)


Do not touch the container with wet hands when frozen. Risk of his hands glued to the walls.

Make sure children are supervised when handling the container.

Do not put your finger, hair and clothes in the space for moving parts such as the lid, handle and the container.

Do not heat, do not bake, barbecue or microwave.

Wash the material with a neutral detergent on a sponge and rinse with warm water after use. Wipe and let dry before reuse.

Do not wash your device in the dishwasher.

Do not put in a tumble washer automatically. The hardware may break or change the shape.

Do not use a brush or scouring powder.

Do not clean container with alkalis or acids such as vinegar or baking soda.

Discontinue use if the material cracks or chipped.

Do not sterilize by boiling. The material may be deformed.

Do not place the product near flames.

Do not use the material for any use other than originally planned.

  • Made in China
  • Material: plastique et inox