Dal Doll - Clair

Dal Doll - Clair

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Comme share the Pullip passion and discover Dal dolls at CasaBento.

Dal Clair doll and dozens of Japanese and Korean dolls are waiting for you in our shop!

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"Sweet Chocolate & Apple Pie…
I take to my Darling….
No loitering on the way!!"

Dal is Pullip's 13 year-old younger sister. Her name (달) which means "moon" in Korean.



Dals are elegant collectable dolls, measuring 26.3 cm in height and created in 2003.

The name Pullip (풀잎) means "blade of grass" or "leaf" in Korean.

Pullips are unique dolls as they have oversized heads on a jointed plastic body, with eyes that can change positions and wink. Their bodies are articulated and each model is sold with matching clothes and with their own original make-up style.(It is also possible to customise them!)

Pullip's father is a diplomat and his mother is a well-known interior designer. Her boyfriend is called Taeyang.

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