Makie & goldene Sakura-Blüten Bento-Box + Tasche

Find the Golden Sakura Makie Bento Box with Bag, a beautiful authentic traditional Japanese hand-painted bento box exclusively at CasaBento.

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38,99 €

The Golden Sakura Makie Bento Box with Bag is an authentic and refined Japanese lunchbox with a class of its own.

This very traditional bento box has two levels of 400ml each, making up a total capacity of 800ml. The upper level has a black airtight lid.

The top cover features makie hand-painted golden sakura flowers (桜) on a traditional Japanese red background. With its unique makie paint technique, you can see the shadows and dimensions of the beautiful sakura flowers at different lighted angles.

Sold with a black elastic belt and a matching sakura bag for an exceptional Japanese style.

Can be used in microwave and dishwasher without the lids.

Hand painted bento box.

Made in Japan and an exclusive creation by CasaBento, BPA-free guaranteed.

Hergestellt in Japan
Mikrowelle: JA aber bitte ohne Deckel
Spülmaschine: JA
Länge: 15,8 cm
Breite: 10,3 cm
Höhe: 8,4 cm
Volume: 800ml (400ml x 2)
Material: Boîte polyester, polyuréthane et peinture uréthane. Sac 100% coton et cordon 100% acrylique
Handgemalt à la main

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