Maneki Neko Grosse Bento Boxen + Tasche - Schwarz

Discover the Maneki Neko Large Bento Box & Bag, an exclusive product from CasaBento.

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The Maneki Neko Large Bento Pack is a bento set that beckons good fortune!

The pack consists of:

- 1 Maneki Neko Large Bento Box - Black with a matching bento belt.

- 1 Hatsuzakura Bag - Black, with sakura flower petal prints.

The Maneki-Neko Large Black Bento Box is a bentō box in a traditional style with a rectangular shape for a total volume of 800 ml.

The box is composed of 2 layers (400 + 400 ml).

The upper container of the bento box is protected by a flexible lid in order to keep the compartment airtight and avoid leak of food.

The black lunchbox is decorated with sakura, the chery blossoms (桜, さくら in Japanese) and maneki neko (招き猫), the famous good luck charm cat that is often seen on the front window of shops and Japanese restaurants with its little paw up.

This model is sold with a matching black elastic belt.

This product is made in Japan. BPA free.

Left paw up, the maneki neko will bring customers. Right paw up, it will bring good luck and good fortune.

Colour: Black


Bento : 15.8 x 10.3 x 8.4 cm.

Belt : 11 x 1.5 cm.

Can be used in the micro-wave and dishwasher but without the lids.

Traditional Bento Lunch Box sold with a matching bento belt.

Made in Japan.

BPA-free warranty.



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Maneki-Neko Large Black Bento Box : a bento lunchbox to discover among a vast selection of bento boxes decorated with Japanese traditional characters (Daruma, Maneki Neko, Kintaro, Momotaro...).
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