Nami Chidori Bento Box

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The Nami Chidori Bento Box is a traditional lunchbox inspired by Japanese mythology.

The top cover features hand-painted Chidori birds (千鳥 in Japanese) flying over ocean waves (浪, nami in Japanese). Chidori is a kind of small plover bird that symbolises longevity because of its cry chiyo that sounds like 千代, meaning "1000 generations".

Each piece is unique: The Nami Chidori Bento is hand-painted by traditional Japanese bento craftsmen and is guaranteed BPA free.

This bento box has a total capacity of 800ml. The upper level has an airtight lid to prevent spills.

Sold with its matching bento belt.

Colour: White/Wood


Bento : 15.8 x 10.3 x 8.4 cm.

Belt : 11 x 1.5 cm.

Can be used in the micro-wave and dishwasher but without the lids.

Modern Bento Lunch Box sold with a matching pink belt.

Made in Japan.

BPA-free warranty.


Hergestellt in Japan
Produkt aus Japan
Mikrowelle: JA aber bitte ohne Deckel
Länge: 15,8cm
Breite: 10,2cm
Höhe: 8,2cm
Volume: 800ml ( 400ml+400ml)
Material: ABS-PET
Handgemalt à la main

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