Bento-Box aus Holz - Wappa Tsurii

Find wooden bento boxes and traditional lunchboxes at CasaBento with the Wappa Bento Box and a whole collection of traditional Japanese bento boxes.

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The Wappa Bento Box is an oval wooden lunchbox with a total volume of 480ml (200ml + 280ml).

This traditional bento box, divided into 2 compartments, is known in Japan under the name of wappa (わっぱ), referring to traditionally round shaped bentō made of wood.

The upper compartment of this traditional bento box comes with a removable divider that will allow you to separate your food.

Do not use in the microwave.

Belt not included.

Handwash only.

Capacity: 480ml (200ml + 280ml)

Produkt aus Japan
Mikrowelle: NEIN
Spülmaschine: NEIN
Länge: 14,6cm
Breite: 10,5cm
Höhe: 8,2cm
Material: Bois / wood

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