Jyubako Herz Chéri - Schokolade + Furoshiki

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The Chéri Brown Jyubako is very large capacity 2.8ℓ (2800 ml) lunchbox.

A jyubako (重箱 , literally "stacked boxes") is a type of large bento that is made up of nested boxes stacked one atop another. Consisting of two airtight compartments, this bento is covered with a semi-transparent lid.

The top compartment of the Brown Heart Chéri Jyubako comes with 3 small red removable heart-shaped compartments with a capacity of 230ml each.

What's more: Also included with the Chéri Brown Jyubako are three small brown heart-shaped plates and a brown polka dot furoshiki that can also double up as a tablecloth for carrying your bento picnic around!

The lid of the jyubako bento is brown in colour and speckled with pretty white polka dots in a retro style.

Suitable for {0}hosting picnics{/0} for 2 or more people.

Made in Japan.

Do not use in the microwave.

Hergestellt in Japan
Mikrowelle: NEIN
Spülmaschine: NEIN
Länge: 23 cm
Breite: 20.7 cm
Höhe: 13.5 cm
Volume: 2800ml (2 x 1400ml)
Material: ABS, polypropylene and polyethylene

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