Jyubako Herz - Kariert - Schokolade + Furoshiki

Whether picnics with friends or family meals, discover at CasaBento the Brown Gingham Heart Jyubako, a large-sized bento box.


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The Brown Gingham Heart Jyubako is a XXL lunch box with a capacity of 2.8ℓ (2800 ml).

A jyubako (重箱 , literally "stacked boxes") is a type of large bento that is made up of nested boxes stacked one atop another. Consisting of two airtight compartments, this bento is covered with a semi-transparent lid.

The top compartment of the Brown Gingham Heart Jyubako comes equipped with 3 small brown removable heart-shaped compartments with a capacity of 230ml each.

What's more: Also included with the Brown Gingham Heart Jyubako are three small brown heart-shaped plates and a brown polka dot furoshiki (also able to double up as a tablecloth) for carrying your bento picnic around!

The lid of the jyubako bento is brown in colour and adorned with pretty plaid prints.

Ideal for sharing meals with family or friends.

Made in Japan.

Do not reheat in the microwave.

Hergestellt in Japan
Mikrowelle: NEIN
Spülmaschine: NEIN
Länge: 23 cm
Breite: 20.7 cm
Höhe: 13.5 cm
Volume: 2800ml (2 x 1400ml)
Material: ABS, polypropylene and polyethylene

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