Kinder Snack Set - Kleine Schneeflocke

Discover the Kinder Snack Set - Kleine Schneeflocke

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The Kinder Snack Set - Kleine Schneeflocke is an exclusive bento box set comprising of:

- 1 x Tokyo Airtight Beno

- 1 x Insulated Bag

- 1 x Rabbit and Panda Sauce Cups

- 1 x Diary Cutters

- 1 x Tulips Hearts Stars Picks

- 1 x Squirrel Whale Seal Bear Sandwich Cutters

Farbe (Colour) Blau
Mikrowelle: JA aber bitte ohne Deckel
Spülmaschine: JA
Material: ABS-PET
Isotherme Isotherme


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