Satori Bento & Natsume Tea Box Set

Discover the  Satori Bento & Natsume Tea Box Set at CasaBento : A traditional Japanese lunch box set with a natsume tea box and an authentic furoshiki bag.

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The Satori Bento & Natsume Tea Box Set is a bento pack that includes a traditional style bento box, a furoshiki bag and a natsume tea box.

The traditional bento lunch box is divided into 2 compartments. The upper compartment has an airtight lid to prevent food from leaking in your bag.

This bento set includes a bento belt.

Use the natsume tea box included in this bento set to store or serve tea for Japanese tea ceremonies.

Dimensions : 22.7 cm x 22.7 cm x 8 cm.

Capacity : 570ml (about 2.5 cups of cooked rice)

Color: dark wooden colour

Made in Japan.

Furoshiki: 100% cotton.

Hand-painted bento.

Hand-painted natsume tea box.

Can be used in the microwave but without the lids.

Hergestellt in Japan
Mikrowelle: JA aber bitte ohne Deckel
Spülmaschine: JA
Länge: 15.5 cm
Breite: 9.3 cm
Höhe: 7.5 cm
Volume: 570 ml ( 220 ml + 350 ml)
Material: ABS, PET,
Handgemalt à la main


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