Baby Panda Onigiri Form

Make super kawaii panda shaped onigiri in a zap! This is now possible with Panda Onigiri Molds and Nori Punch.

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The Panda Onigiri Molds and Nori Punch help you to make super kawaii onigiri in panda shapes in a jiffy.

The kit includes:

- 1 rice spatula for your onigiri

- 1 Panda nori seaweed punch.

Scoop out your rice with a spoon and press on it to make it compact. Cut the nori seaweed and decorate your onigiri. Omedetô! You can now taste your delicious panda onigiri!


Onigiri (おにぎり) are small rice balls typically eaten as a snack by the Japanese.

Material: polypropylène (moule) , ABS (perforatrice), silicone
Hergestellt in: China

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