Baby-Siegel Bären Onigiri Form und Nori Stanzer

Make onigiri rice balls in the shape of baby seals with the Seal Azarashi Onigiri Set.

11,99 €

The Seal Azarashi Rice Ball Onigiri Mold and Seaweed Cutter is a three-in-one accessory that will help you make onigiri rice balls and other omusubi in baby seal shapes in a few minutes.

The kit is sold with:

- 1 rice spoon for your Baby Seal Azarashi balls.

- 2 cutters for nori seaweed (海苔).

- 1 silicon sheet to place your nori seaweed.


Make the baby seal rice ball using the spoon. Place your nori seaweed on the silicon sheet and cut the nori using the nori cutter. We recommend you to use a dry and fresh nori seaweed sheet as it will be easier to cut.

Decorate your baby seal . Omedetô! Enjoy your meal!

Onigiri (おにぎり) are small rice balls that the Japanese eat as snacks.

Hergestellt in Japan
Mikrowelle: NEIN
Spülmaschine: JA

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