Washi Tape - Summer Blue

Washi Tape - Summer Blue

Are you looking for an original way to wrap your gifts or stick paper onto the wall? Now it's possible with this Washi Tape - Summer Blue.


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The Summer Blue Washi Tape is an indispensable accessory for your creative hobbies:

packaging decoration, gift wrapping, card making, box decorating, photo albums, interior customisation, scrapbooking...the possibilities are endless!

This roll of decoration tape or "masking tape" in colour Summer Blue measures 15m long and 1.5cm wide. Easy to stick on and also easy to remove, these tapes are made with washi rice paper: They have a special feature that allows you to tear the tape by hand.

Another awesome featuer about washi tape: They do not leave stains when you remove them and they can be repositioned.

Discover Washi:

Washi, a word that means "Japanese paper" (和紙) is a handmade paper that has a tradition of more than 1300 years. It is a kind of paper interlaced with long fiber, famous for its strength, flexibility and lightness.

The patterns and colours of washi tape are varied and vibrant, which reflects Japanese culture itself.

For those who like creative hobbies and artistic activities, the washi tape is an indispensable accessory.


Hergestellt in Japan
Länge: 25 m
Breite: 1,5 cm
Material: papier de riz

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