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Lettuce Leaves Silicone Baran

Lettuce Leaves Silicone Baran

Discover the Lettuce Leaves Silicone Baran and dozens of other baran separation sheets available here for you to compartmentalize your bento.

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This set of Lettuce Leaves Silicone Baran for Bento comes with 5 sheets that allow you to compartmentalize your lunch box and help prevent your food from mixing together. Doing so will thus ensure that your food retains its original flavour, letting you enjoy it as it ought to be enjoyed!

This set of separator sheets or baran (バラン) in Japanese, contains 5 models of silicone sheets, washable and reusable. Your kids will love them!

Find out more about baran

Traditionally, leaves from the aspidistra eliator (baran) (a common plant in Japan) were cut into small pieces to be used inside bentos for separating food. With progress, separator sheets made of plastic were developed but "baran" was retained as the name in remembrance of the plant that originated this practice.

Microwave use: YES
Material: silicone
Made in China

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