Flags of the World Bento Picks

Add kawaii-ness to your lunch with the Flags of the World Bento Picks, cute and practical bento accessories that will help you to complete your bento box.


2,65 €

3,79 €

Add the final touch to your best bento recipes with the Flags of the World Bento Picks, practical and cute bento accessories that will decorate your meal.

The pack is sold with 12 flag picks (one side with a flag and the other side with a small message and/or a symbol of the country.

Countries: Japan, England, South Korea, Canada, China, Germany, the United States, France, Spain, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Australia.

A kawaii and practical accessory that can be used instead of chopsticks to avoid dirtying your fingers at lunch or making eating on the go more hygienic.

Each pick measures approximately 4.6 cm.

Made in Japan
Length: 4.6 cm (1.81 in)
Material: PP (pick), PS (flag)

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