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Jan Ken Bento Picks

Jan Ken Bento Picks

Add colour to your bento box with the Jan Ken Bento Picks, cute and practical accessories to help you decorate your lunchbox.


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Add the final touch to your best bento recipes with the Jan Ken Bento Picks, practical and cute bento accessories that will decorate your meal.

This pack is sold with 7 colourful picks in four animal shapes (2 rabbits and 2 bears) and 3 picks to play rock-paper-scissors ("Jan ken, じゃんけん" in Japanese, a game also known as the chifoumi in French).

A kawaii and practical accessory that can be used instead chopsticks to avoid dirtying your fingers at lunch or making eating on the go more hygienic.

Each pick measures approximately 4.6 to 5 cm.

Length: 4.6 to 5 cm (1.8 to 2 in)
Material: ABS
Made in China

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