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Pics à Bento - 1

Bento Picks Heart - Tulip - Star × 40

Add some colour to your lunchbox with the set of Bento Picks Heart - Tulip - Star × 40, bento accessories to complete your collection.


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Decorate your bento in a fun way with the Bento Picks Heart - Tulip - Star × 40, very cute and useful decorative bento accessories to grab your food and brighten up your recipies in order to make very original kawaii presentations.

The pack includes 40 very colourful bento picks divided into 3 different models (heart, tulip, star) and 3 colours (pink, green, yellow).

Thanks to their double arms, the picks can be used like mini-forks to peck in your bento.

They are convenient and kawaii accessories that can be used instead of chopsticks to avoid dirtying your fingers during lunchtime or to keep food in place during transportation.

Pick length: about 6 cm.

Sold with a plastic case to store the picks.

Made in Japan.

Made in Japan
Length: 6 cm (2.36 in)
Material: Polystyrene

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