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Pics à Bento - 1

Niji Bento Picks × 50

Add some kawaii to your lunch with the Niji Bento Picks × 50, cute and convenient accessories to fit in every box.


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Enhance you best bento recipes with the Niji Bento Picks × 50, very cute and convenient bento accessories that will allow you to brighten up your meals and your recipes in order to make very original kawaii presentations.

The pack includes 50 very colourful bento picks divided into 5 shapes (heart, bear, star, clover, music note) and 5 colours (green, yellow, pink, orange and translucent blue).

They are kawaii and convenient accessories that can be used instead of chopsticks to avoid dirtying your fingers when eating or to keep food in place during transportation.

Each pick is about 6 cm long.

« Niji » (虹, にじ) means « rainbow » in Japanese.

Length: about 6 cm
Material: ABS
Made in China

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