Bento Picks - Veg Oyasai

Add a dash of colour to your breakfast with this set of Oyasai Vegetables Bento Picks, bento accessories that you can tuck into any lunch box!


3,29 €

The Oyasai Vegetables Bento Picks are a very cute and useful set of decorative bento accessories that allows you present your meals and recipes in a very original, kawaii and balanced way.

The set comes with 10 colourful vegetable-shaped picks: tomatoes, lemons, green beans and carrots.

These bento picks are extremely compact and portable and can be used in place of chopsticks to avoid dirtying your hands when having your meal!


Picks dimensions for the various designs:

– Carrot: 5.7 cm

– Tomato: 5.4 cm

– Lemon: 5.7 cm

– Green Beans: 5.5 cm

Length: 5.4 cm to 5.7 cm
Material: polypropylene (PP)
Made in China

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