Bento Picks - Panda

Add more kawaii to your lunch box with the Panda Bento Picks, a cute and practical accessory that is a must-have addition to any bento!

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Supercharge your best recipes with Bento Bento Picks – Panda, accessories handy and very cute to help you enhance your meals for presentations and original kawaii.

The package includes eight picks shaped panda, available in 4 different styles.

These picks bento can be used instead of chopsticks to avoid dirtying their fingers when eating!


The length of Bento Panda Picks:

– The panda head to bottom: 3.9 cm

– The Dancing Panda: 3.7 cm

– The panda sitting: 4.5 cm

– The panda lying: 4 cm

Length: 3.7 cm to 4.5 cm
Material: polypropylene (PP)
Made in China

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