Bento Picks - Usagi White & Pink Rabbits

Add a dash of colour to your bento with the Usagi White & Pink Rabbit Bento Picks, a bento accessory that is a must-have addition to any lunch box.


3,29 €

picks Bento – Usagi and Pinks White Rabbits are very decorative accessories bento cute and very useful for getting your food and your meals and recipes for presentations kawaii very original.

The package includes eight picks white and pink rabbit– shaped, in four different styles.

These picks bento can be used instead of chopsticks to avoid dirtying their fingers when eating! "Usagi" (ウサギ) means "rabbit" in Japanese.

Each pick position for bento from 4.3 to 4.9 cm.

Length: from 4 cm to 4.9 cm
Material: ABS
Made in China

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