Large Reusable Ice Pack - Deli Yellow

Keep your food fresh and cool with the Deli reusable Ice Pack.

2,49 €

4,99 €

The Deli ice pack is a pack of cooling gel that is reusable and will help you keep your food fresh in your bento box.

It is very easy to use: Put the ice pack in the freezer for 8 hours and place it in your bag next to your bento box whenever you need it.

Use the ice pack with an insulated cooler bag to keep food chilled for a longer time.

You can also use this ice pack to temporarily cool down your body temperature and help you relax.

Made in Japan
Product from Japan
Microwave use: NO
Dishwasher use: NO
Length: 15cm
Width: 8cm
Material: nylon, PE, Water/Eau, Antibacterial Polymer

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