Insulated Harujuku School Lunch Bag - Grey

Discover the Insulated Harujuku School Lunch Bag and a large choice of chic and colourful insulated lunch bags in our shop to help you carry and keep your bento lunch fresh.


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The Insulated Harujuku School Lunch Bag is a colourful tartan-pattern bento bag, perfect for maintaining the temperature of your food hot or cold. With this insulated lunch bag you can pack lunch for work, school or for excursions.

The interior of the bag is padded with aluminium and polyurethane material, ensuring maximum insulation to up to 3 hours.

This practical and functional bag can contain a bento box, and has enough space to pack in a snack, a small bottle of water or a fruit. The Tartan Green Insulated Bag has a small pocket inside (where you can pack an ice pack, a frozen gel pack for example).

Dimensions : 30,5 cm × 19cm (base) / 22cm (height without grip) × 14,5 cm (width).

Length: 30,5 cm
Width: 14,5 cm
Height: 22 cm
Made in China

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