Mini Deli Chopsticks - Blue

Bring the Mini Deli Chopsticks - Blue and your Blue Mini Deli bento everywhere you go to have a Japanese lunch at work, school or outdoors for a picnic!


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9,99 €

The Mini Deli Chopsticks - Blue are perfect for you if you have lunch on the go.

Made from natural wood, these chopsticks are covered with a fine layer of blue non-toxic food safe acrylic paint and this pair of Mini Deli Chopsticks - Blue is sold with its matching transparent travel case covered with star prints. This way, your chopsticks stay clean and dust-free until meal time and you can tuck them neatly with your lunchbox into your lunchbag.

The chopsticks' vibrant colour matched with the star prints on the chopsticks travel case will make your bento super cute and 100% kawaii.

Dimensions of chopsticks: 18 cm.

Our environmentally friendly suggestion : Your Mini Deli chopsticks can be used in Japanese or Chinese restaurants instead of eating with the normal disposable chopsticks.

Made in Japan
Length: 19.8 cm
Width: 2.8 cm
Height: 1.5 cm
Length of the chopsticks : 18 cm
Material: Methacrylic Resin

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