Life Wooden Chopsticks with Case

Go green with the Life Wooden Chopsticks with Case by packing home cooked meals for office or to school and discover our entire Life Bento Series.


9,99 €

The Life Wooden Chopsticks with Case are a pair of chic and elegant wooden chopsticks with a clear case, perfect to use to enjoy your bento on the go.

This pair of hashi (箸, which means chopsticks in Japanese) is sold with a plastic travel case that will help you keep your chopsticks clean and hygienic until lunchtime.

Matching items: CasaBento Life Bento Series.

Length of chopsticks: 18 cm.


Made in Japan.

Made in Japan
Microwave use: NO
Dishwasher use: NO
Length: Baguettes 18 cm. Etui: 19 x 3 x 1.4 cm (0 in)
Material: 100% Bois

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