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Important information regarding the use of this site.

CasaBento is committed to ensuring the privacy of your personal information and this privacy notice is designed to voluntarily comply with current privacy legislation. Each time that you use this website, you will be bound by current Privacy Policy applicable at that particular moment and you must review said text in order to confirm that you are in agreement with it.


Objectives of data collection

1. CASABENTO® limits its requests for information to what is required to ensure accurate service. Most of the information we collect is very basic and is needed to complete a purchase or provide a refund. Examples of user information that may be collected may include your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, a description of the item requested or purchased and the IP address of your computer.

The personal data that you provide us shall be subject to data handling by CASABENTO® with the following objectives:

- to develop, fulfil and execute the orders for the products that you have purchased on our webshop

- to tend to your requests

- to develop, maintain and improve the use of our website

- to create and maintain your account on our website

- to provide you with information regarding CASABENTO® products or those of any other companies related to CASABENTO®, including the sending of marketing mail-outs in relation to said products by email or any other equivalent means of electronic communication (such as sms text message). Registration is entirely voluntary and you have the ability to correct or delete the information at any time. This information is accessed through the "My Account" section of the site.

2. Marketing information

CASABENTO® does not sell or otherwise share your personal information with anyone else, such as advertising agencies or marketing companies. We only send marketing information to those customers who specifically sign up for our mailing list. Customers can opt-out of receiving information by using the "unsubscribe" option in any marketing e-mail that they receive or by changing their preferences in the "My Account" section of the site.

3. Disclosure and Retention of Personal Information

In order to comply with the aforementioned objectives, CASABENTO® has created an Internet database to allow consumers to store their shipping and billing information, track the status of their order, list previous orders and retain email preferences. This Internet database might be located out of the  European Economic Area (EEA)and maybe be shared internally with our overseas staff members who need it to complete your purchase or carry out your instructions regarding the receipt of marketing information. When you provide us with your personal data, you consent to the usage of your data by our Internet Database. We will not disclose your personal information to any third party without your written consent unless required to do so by law.

CASABENTO® keeps your personal information for only as long as required to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected. For those customers who have registered for the mailing list, their personal information is kept until we are notified that they no longer want their information stored.

4. Accuracy and Protection of Personal Information

CASABENTO® relies on our customers to notify us of any changes in personal information. Should inaccurate information come to our attention, we will investigate and correct the information and, if necessary, advise you of the change. Only those staff members who need your personal information in order to respond to your requests are given access to it. Employees are provided with training and information regarding the proper handling of personal information. To verify your identity, we might need you to provide accurate information that you used during your account registration. We will never ask you to reveal your password nor your credit card information.

All information stored in our computer system is protected from unauthorized access and information that is stored in document form is kept in secure locations to prevent access by unauthorized persons.

CASABENTO® is commited to ensure that we have no personal information about customers that is not absolutely necessary in order to provide them with excellent service. We are also committed to ensuring that information about our customers is accurate and up-to-date.

If you wish to know what information we currently have about you, or are dissatisfied with CASABENTO®’s privacy policies or practices, you should send a written request or complaint using our contact form.

5. Transaction Security

In order to make every effort to ensure that your experience at is secure, we use encryption technology to protect you against the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information during payment. When you make payment, a secure server encrypts all of your information through the use of Secure Socket Layers (SSLs).

To be sure you are on a secure page for payment, check your Web browser's status bar (located at the bottom of the window) for the closed padlock icon. This icon appears in your web browser to tell you that you are viewing a secure web page. Also, all browsers display an "s" after the "http" (https://) in the Web site address to indicate that you are in a secure environment.

6. Cookies:

We use cookies in this website, small text files with information on your navigation in this site whose principal objective is to improve your experience in the website. By accepting this privacy policy you consent to the use of the cookies used in this website and which are described on the previously indicated page. If you prefer to disable cookies, you might not be able to view the entire contents of our website.

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