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Egg Mold - Fish Car

Egg Mold - Fish Car

Fall back into childhood a cook lovely eggs in a very kawaii and fun shape thanks to the Egg Mold - Fish Car.


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The Egg Mold - Fish Car consists in 2 very kawaï molds that will allow you to give your hard-boiled eggs cute fish (さかな) or car (くるま) shapes in order to decorate your bento or the one of your child.

Nothing is easier to use:

1) Boil water in a saucepan and put your eggs in during 8 to 10 minutes.

2) Take off the shell from your hard-boiled egg when it is still hot (be careful not to burn yourself).

3) Immediatly put your egg in the egg molds, respecting the direction and the size of the egg (rather horizontally).

4) Gently close the mold without spoiling your egg then dip everything in cold water during approximatively 10 minutes.

5) Slowly open the mold and let the kawaii happen ! Remove the egg from the mold and put it in your bento.

Our tip: you could also color your creations with food colouring and sauces.

Made in Japan.

Product from Japan
Material: polypropylene

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