CookinGoo - Mini Grill - Rice Cracker Maker

Make savory panini sandwiches, sweet or salted senbei crackers with the CookinGoo - Mini Grill - Rice Cracker Maker.

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The CookinGoo - Mini Grill - Rice Cracker Maker is a kitchen tool that will help you make panini, the famous Italian sandwiches. If you prefer Japanese food, you can make delicious senbei rice crackers.

The hot plate is made of an aluminium alloy and covered with a layer of special non-stick fluororesin for easy washing.

What's more: The handle of the rice cracker maker is magnetic which helps you open and close it easily.

Our suggested recipes:

- okoge soup, おこげ,  (made with roasted rice grains)

- a senbei rice burger (ごはんサンド)

- even a croque-monsieur !


Senbei (煎餅, せんべい) are Japanese rice crackers traditionally made from mochi dough and usually eaten when one drinks green tea (like Matcha). Senbei comes in salty as well as sweet types and they are usually prawn-flavoured (ebisenbei).


- Do not heat when pan is empty.

- Use over average heat on a gas stove.

- Do not use with metallic ustensils and be sure not to scratch the pan.

- Wash with sponge and gentle dish soap. Do not use with abrasive detergents.

- Keep out of childrens' reach.

Length: 41 cm
Width: 24.5 cm
Height: 3.5 cm
Material: aluminum, magnet, handle : Phenolic resin and stainless steel
Made in China

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