Premium Pro Wok with Wooden Handle

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Cook like a professional with the Premium Pro Wok Pans.

Iron beyond iron.

The successful development of a supreme rust-resistant and anti-caking iron wok.

Oil smoothly soaks into our excellent everlasting wok.

The weak points of the iron wok, namely rusting and caking on the surface, have been overcome. The surface of the wok is not coated but optimised by a special high heat treatment that keeps the quality of the iron wok.

No need for burning off coating: the iron surface is not anti-rust coated, which is different from clear lacquer-finished products. Therefore, the troublesome process of burning off coating is unnecessary and the product can be used as it is.

It features a special high temperature thermal-treated steel plate: when an iron surface is strengthened with special high-temperature thermal treatment, an oxidized layer that is over five times harder than normal iron is formed. The layer covers the entire surface and also penetrates the iron. Therefore, no coating peels off when the surface comes into contact with a metal spatula or brush, which is different from inside resin-finished frying pans.

Hard to burn ingredients and rust-resistant: the oxidized layer on the iron surface has numerous tiny holes. Oil penetrates  into the holes, preventing ingredients from becoming burnt. Since the product is hard to get rusty, maintenance is easy. Simply rinse off with hot water  and then wipe with a dry cloth.

Extra "iron content" for intake and high-flame cooking ability: iron discharged from the wok during cooking adds extra iron content to ingredients. The product can be used with a high flame because it is made of highly-durable iron. As a result, you can fry ingredients in a short time for a crisp texture.

Made in Japan with highly durable iron.

Diameter of the pan: 36 cm.

Depth: 10 cm.

Thickness: 1,6 mm.

Made in Japan
Diameter: 36cm
Height: 10cm
Material: Japanese Steel

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