Onigirazu Maker Kit and Case - Pink

Use the Onigirazu Maker Kit and Case Set to make Onigirazu or Nigiranai rice ball, the modern Japanese onigiri sandwich.

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Discover Onigirazu, おにぎらず in Japanese - a healthy choice for lunch or a snack that is made rice and topped with pickled plums, bonito flakes, tonkatsu or other seasonings and wrapped with nori seaweed.

Similar to Onigiri おにぎり, which is a rice ball, Onigirazu is more like a sandwich which is much easier to handle and make without having to wet your hands to form the rice ball. Simply use the nori sheet to wrap around the rice!

This Onigirazu Maker helps you to make rice balls with meat, vegetables and additional seasonings without having to touch the rice with your hands: Pat the ingredients and rice into the mold, press it firmly, close the Onigirazu case and pack it into your bag! During lunchtime, open the case and your Onigirazu Bento is ready!

Onigirazu became very popular in Japan as it was introduced in "Cooking Papa", a Japanese manga by Tochi Ueyama.

Colour: Pink

Microwave use: YES
Dishwasher use: YES
Length: 12cm
Width: 10,5cm
Height: 2,7cm
Material: PP

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