Seiun Syugetsu Bento Box

Discover the Seiun Syugetsu Bento Box and other hand-painted traditional Japanese bento boxes at CasaBento.

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The Seiun Syugetsu Bento Box is an elegant traditional hand-painted lunchbox with a large capacity.

The words in Kanji, Seiun Syugetsu in Japanese which means "Autumn Moon in clear skies" is a proverb that describes moon-gazing during Tsukimi, Japan's Harvest Moon Festival.

During O Tsukimi, as an expression of gratitude for the traditional autumn harvest, picnics or parties are held in gardens or tea rooms to admire the full moon appearing in the cloudless sky and contemplate the moon’s beauty from her reflection in a pond.

The bento box has two levels (500 + 700ml), with a total capacity of 1200ml. The upper level has a white airtight lid to prevent spills.

Colour: Black

Dimensions: 16.7 x 12.5 x 8.1 cm.

Can be used in the micro-wave and dishwasher but without the lids.

Sold with a black bento belt.

Made in Japan.

BPA-free warranty.


Made in Japan
Microwave use: Yes but remove the lids
Dishwasher use: YES
Length: 16.7cm
Width: 12.5cm
Height: 8.1cm
Capacity: 1200ml (500ml +700ml)
Material: ABS-PET
Traditionally Hand Painted by traditional bento painters

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