Insulated Bottle Little Twin Stars

Join the kawaii lovers with this insulated bottle inspired by the starry wonderland of the Little Twin Stars!


21,00 €

41,99 €

Discover this magnificent insulated bottle from the Little Twin Stars theme collection. Bring along a hot coffee, chocolate or tea with you for lunch. With the vacuum-insulating properties of this bottle, your hot drinks stay warm up to 7 hours.


This insulated bottle bottle comes in pinkish-purple. The Little Twin Stars adorn this insulated bottle: Kiki, the blue-haired boy and Lala, with her pink tresses. These joyful and jubilant twins are from Planet Compassion !


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Product from Japan
Microwave use: NO
Dishwasher use: NO
Diameter: xxx
Height: xxx
Capacity: 350 ml
Material: xxx

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