Hanako Kokeshi Bento Box

The Hanako Kokeshi Bento Box: we are pleased to explore this ancient Japanese art with a wonderful collection of bento boxes in the shape of Kokeshi.


16,99 €

Meet Hanako (ハナコ), the Japanese little girl who loves sakura flowers : a kokeshi doll that will become your bento box!

The Hanako Kokeshi Bento Box is composed of 2 curved compartments for a total capacity of 640 ml. The upper compartment is covered by a transparent airtight lid.

The head of the kokeshi can be used as a bowl for your favourite soup (like a miso soup for instance)!

What is a kokeshi?

About 150 years ago in Northern Japan, the kiji-shi (craftsmen) invented adorable dolls with cylindrical bodies called the kokeshi (こけし). Made out of wood, the dolls were then painted and covered with lacquer.

Today, Casabento is proud to share with you this ancestral Japanese are with the Hanako Kokeshi Bento Box, a bento-bako directly inspired by those kokeshi dolls.

Hand-painted by Japanese craftsmen.

This model comes with a black elastic band.


Made in Japan.

Microwave : no more than 2 minutes (1000 W) or 3 minutes (500 W), without lids.

Made in Japan
Microwave use: Yes but remove the lids
Dishwasher use: YES
Diameter: 13 cm (5.12 in)
Height: 10 cm (3.94 in)
Capacity: 640 ml (upper compartment: 200 ml, lower compartment: 200 ml, lid: 240ml) (21.64 oz)
Material: ABS-PET

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