Okiagari-Koboshi Grandma

Find the Okiagari-Koboshi Grandma and an entire collection of Japanese traditional accessories at CasaBento.

2,99 €

Kawaii! The Okiagari-Koboshi Grandma is a traditional roly poly doll, which springs back to its original standing position when it is pushed down.

The little doll is a miniature Japanese grandma, Obâ-san (おばあさん).

In Japanese culture, these little dolls called okiagari-koboshi (起き上がり小法師) are talismans of good luck and are seen as a symbol of perseverance and good luck.

Each piece is  an unique piece and the colours and patterns are subject to change according to stock availablity. Please specifiy your colour preference (if any) when you make your order.

Height of each doll: About 4 cm.

Made in Japan
Height: 5 cm (1.97 in)

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