Kyudai no Mori Bento Set - Wood

The Kyudai no Mori Bento Pack - A traditional bento box set.

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Discover the Kyudai no Mori Bento box, a traditional bento lunch box.

This two level lunchbox has a capacity of 990ml.

With a matte finish, the Timeless Bento Box is easy to hold, non-sticky and resistant to fingerprints.

The lunch box features a compact feature: The bottom level can be nested and tucked into the top level.

Capacity: 990ml contains about 3.5 bowls of cooked rice

Dimensions: 18 x 11 x 8.4 cm.

Can be used in the micro-wave and dishwasher but without the lids.

Sold as a pack with a matching bento belt and a bento bag.

An Ice-Pack is included free with this bento box.

Made in Japan.

This bento is a BPA-Free lunch box.

Made in Japan
Microwave use: Yes but remove the lids
Dishwasher use: YES

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