Animal Donburi Cups

Compartmentalize your lunch and carry your sauce and condiments with great ease with the Animal Donburi Cups, fun bento accessories to cheer up your box.

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Bento is an art. For a fun and yummy lunchtime, discover the Animal Donburi Cups.

The Animal Donburi Cups set is composed of 3 bento cups that are small reusable containers to put in food, sauce or condiments.

The pack consists in:

- パンダ (panda): the sweet panda (19ml capacity)

- 子豚 (koton): the piglet (15ml capacity)

- ひよこ (hiyoko): the little chick (4ml capacity)

The cups are perfect to fit in some ketchup. mayonnaise or some dressing.

Easy to use, easy to wash and super kawaii!

Microwave use: NO
Dishwasher use: NO
Diameter: panda: 4.65 cm. pig: 4.1 cm. chick: 3.1 cm
Height: panda: 3.8 cm. pig: 3.4 cm. chick: 3.4 cm
Capacity: panda: 19 ml, pig: 15 ml, chick: 4 ml
Material: ABS
Made in China

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