Concorde XL Bento Box Sky Blue + Bag

The Concorde XL collection of bento boxes is fantastic for gourmets! Take a look at the Concorde XL Bento Boxes in refreshing sky blue and all XL models at CasaBento


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39,99 €

This bento box is the XL model from the Concorde collection. A great lunch box for foodies, the XL bento box makes it convenient to carry your meals about. It is a spacious lunch box which can hold up to 900 ml. This is a lovely lunch box with its lower non divided compartment in white and its lid in delightful sky blue. This is a quality product with originality straight out of the imagination of Japanese designers. Made entirely in Japan, this product meets the requirements of quality charter.

This model comes with a white and blue bag together with a black elastic band.

Made in Japan

This bento box is safe to be used in the microwave and dishwasher with its cover removed.

Length : 19,1 cm
Width : 10 cm
Height : 8,6 cm
Volume : 900 ml (upper compartment : 450 ml, lower compartment : 450 ml)

Made in Japan
Microwave use: Yes but remove the lids
Dishwasher use: YES
Length: 19,1 cm
Width: 10 cm
Height: 8,6 cm
Capacity: 900 ml (niveau supérieur : 450 ml, niveau inférieur : 450 ml)
Material: ABS, PET, polypropylène, EVA (surface en uréthane). Couvercle : ABS. Ceinture : nylon, polyuréthane.

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